On Blogging About Romance by Katiebabs

When I think of the word “romance”, I can’t help but smile. Romance to me means love, which is unselfish, unbiased and welcoming. It should come as no surprise that my favorite genre to read is romance. My romance roots go way back twenty years when I read my first romance novel, which was Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Gone with the Wind opened my mind to the wonders of reading as well as opening up the lines of communication with others.

I find nothing more exciting than being able to discuss a book with a person.

And because of that my love of blogging came to be.

Blogging for me is my outlet, a way to express myself and proudly admit that I read romance novels. I can’t even think of a world without blogs, especially blogs that promote all that is good and well in the romance genre.

I started my own blog back in 2008, and just celebrated my two year anniversary this week. Before I even felt the need to stand up on my soapbox, so to speak, I lurked and visited others who some would say were the visionaries of the romance blogging world. These special women wanted to be heard, and heard they were. They paved the way where there are now hundreds of romance novel centric blogs all over the internet.

I applaud these visionaries of the romance blogging world for opening a world of possibility and for myself to not shy away from opinion or be ashamed by what I read.

The three bloggers nominated for Best Romance Blog this year gives you a good indication what the world of romance blogging is all about. Fiction Vixen, Gossamer Obsessions and Smexy Books are each unique in their own way. Their personalities, wit, charm and love of romance novels shines through every which way possible. Their arms are wide open in acceptance for those who may feel the need to hide what they read because the public at large may not approve.

Blogging is a way to stand up and cheer for yourself and your willingness to show the world that YES people do read and are not ashamed to admit it. The romance genre may get the bum wrap from time to time, but this billion dollar making industry refuses to be pushed aside or ignored. The same goes for those who are romance book bloggers

For those who blog, and those who are thinking of blogging, be loud, be proud and hold your head up high. Show those critics and naysayers how much you love to read regardless of what genre you prefer. The authors, publishers and fellow readers will thank you for it in ways you can’t even imagine.

I’m a proud romance reader and blogger and I’m not ashamed to admit it.



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