On Being a New Book Blogger by Ryan Jacobson

Are you consumed by the question “What will I write about next”? Do you frequently scour your shelves for just the right book? Will you be off to check your comments immediately after reading this post? If so, then you must be a newbie book blogger.

Believe me, I’m feeling you. I began my book blog 28 days ago, and I too wonder how I’ll ever grow my readership. Yet at the same time, don’t you just love the challenge of meeting deadlines, of writing posts that are interesting and relevant—and is there anything better than that first comment from someone who isn’t related to you?

For me, book blogging began as a marketing tool. I’m an author, and just like bloggers, I want my readership to grow. I spoke with a few publicists, and all agreed that an author blog tour was a wise investment of resources. At the same time, I was also advised to start my own blog. Thus, Author vs. Monster was born.

The blog began as a job, something to be worked on and then crossed off my “to do” list. But somewhere along the way, it morphed into a hobby. It became fun. Now I spend every Sunday preparing my posts for the upcoming week, and I set aside an hour every morning to catch up on the 35 blogs to which I currently subscribe.

Admittedly, as a part-time author with a full-time job—not to mention two boys under the age of five—it can be a challenge to find enough hours in the day. There are moments when I look at a week’s worth of posts (with zero comments) and think, “Man, I could’ve written two more chapters for my book.”

But I, for one, am glad I started. I’ve “met” a few people, learned a little bit about book marketing and am having a lot of fun in the process. I hope all the rest of you newbie book bloggers are enjoying yourselves too.

Ryan is the author of ten’s children’s books.  He blogs regularly at Author vs. Monster.


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