BBAW 2010 Closing Thoughts and Announcements

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone for helping to make this the best BBAW yet.  Your joy and enthusiasm have been absolutely contagious and have proven again why this is such a vibrant, interesting, diverse, and wonderful community to be a part of.  I have a few announcements to make but first I want to thank some of the hard workers who helped make BBAW possible.  I hope you’ll tell them thank you as you see them around on Twitter and the blogs.  They did all of this for the love of book bloggers.

Candace and Ann Kingman designed and wrote the new awards program, tweaking the old system and making it stronger than ever by more clearly defining their purpose and combing certain elements to make them more successful.

Nicole Bonia staffed the judging panels and collected all your scores as well as filling in a hundred other little details.

Jennifer Connor coordinated all the giveaways and wrote all of the giveaway posts.  I can’t thank her enough for this huge and tedious task!  She was always so full of joy to do it for you, too!

Melissa went through every registration post to make sure they were done accurately and contacted bloggers for clarification.  A huge task that she did complaint-free!

Danielle served on the content development team as well as doing different tasks here and there including the bulk of emailing interview partners!

Bella designed our awards button and our themed button…and she was quick and helpful!

Monica designed our header and nominations buttons as well as doing some update technical work on the blog.

And of course I must thank all of the judges, the content development team, the guest bloggers, and YOU! This was truly a community driven event and such a blast!


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Finally, wind down BBAW tonight with a glass of wine and a special edition of That’s How I Blog.  It will be on 9 PM EST and 6 PM PST.  We’ll recap the week and talk all things book blogging!  Don’t miss out!

The giveaways mister linky will remain open until Sunday at midnight PST. 

Thanks again all for a fabulous week of BBAW!  See you next year!  (hint September 12-16)




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