Thank You From Planned Television Arts (PTA)

It is an absolute joy to work with book bloggers. While PTA utilizes both traditional and new media when promoting titles, I have found that book bloggers review our books and work with us in a much more organic, much more devoted way than is expected in traditional media. I value each e-mail exchange and conversation with bloggers because I know they’re commenting, critiquing and questioning out of care and love for the written word.

I am so thrilled that PTA can be a part of the 2010 Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and speak for the entire company when I say thank you for your honest, thoughtful, and well written reviews. Even if you haven’t reviewed a title from PTA, you’re doing a strong service of sustaining the relevance of good books and strong thought in our society.

Thank you for finding the time to spread the literary love. If you’re interested in learning more about the books PTA handles, feel free to follow our Facebook or Twitter. We try to show blogger appreciation as often as possible, and are always interested in making the review process smoother and more enjoyable, so please share your ideas and opinions so that we can continue to participate in this thriving community.

All my very best,

Alexandra Kirsch


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