On Reviewing Faith Driven Lit by Rel of Relz Reviewz

Ursula Moray Williams’ Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat and the Bible might seem an unusual combination but they represent two passions in my life that began as a child – a love of novels and my Christian faith.  I never imagined that as an adult I would be able to combine both those passions as I do now by reading, reviewing and blogging about novels written from a Biblical worldview, more commonly known as Christian Fiction for want of a better description.
I started doing a review here or there for my local bookstore and then commenced my blog Relz Reviewz in 2006, merely as a place to record my reviews.  That other people might read my blog never really occurred to me so it has been an amazing journey meeting other bloggers, readers of my blog and authors, at least in the cyber sense!  Reviewing books from all of the major Christian publishing houses enables me to see the calibre and breadth of writing now available in faith fiction.  Long perceived as being limited to trite prairie romances, I love introducing readers to quality writing covering all manner of genres from thrillers to romantic suspense, historical fiction to the supernatural and more.  Lisa SamsonTosca Lee, Robert Liparulo, Christa Parrish, Jim Rubart, Ronie Kendig, Julie Lessman and Steven James are just a few of the fabulous authors, writing in all manner of genres from a faith perspective.

Having discovered writers whose books speak to the heart, mind and soul with sensitivity,  insight and passion in both the Christian and general marketplace, I’d love for the barriers between the two markets to be nonexistent.  Fabulous fiction shouldn’t be limited to any one group of people, however it is defined.  Readers are missing out on some stimulating reading often due to incorrect perceptions or past bad reading experiences.  I’d encourage Christian readers to discover exceptional general marketplace stories just as much as I encourage readers who may not have been exposed to great Christian storytellers to give them a go!  Okay, climbing off my soapbox now smile

The best thing about book blogging is belonging to a great community of wonderful book loving people ~ people who understand the value of great literature as something precious which has the power to entertain, engage, stimulate, encourage and challenge.  And that, I believe is something worth sharing!


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