BBAW 2010:  A Treasure Chest of Infinite Books and Infinite Blogs Daily Blogging Topics

It’s almost here!  Can you feel the excitement in the air?  Book Blogger Appreciation Week is almost upon us!

The BBAW Content Development Team is proud to announce our theme for 2010:  A Treasure Chest of Infinite Books and Infinite Blogs.  You’ll probably be stuffing your google reader with the new blogs you discover next week and piling onto your bookshelves with all the great books we’ll be talking about!

Every day there is a blogging topic you can write about on your blog.  We’ll host a Mister Linky here so that you can share your link and go out into the big old bookblogosphere and discover everyone else’s blog!

The blogging topics are listed below for each date.  For a reminder on how to use Mister Linky, please see the Mister Linky tutorial.

Monday—First Treasure
We invite you to share with us about a great new book blog you’ve discovered since BBAW last year!  If you are new to BBAW or book blogging, share with us the very first book blog you discovered.  Tell us why this blog rocks your socks off and why you keep going back for more.

Tuesday—New Treasure—Interview Swap
Post the interview you did with your BBAW Interview Partner.  If you didn’t sign up in time, please email bookbloggerappreciationweekATgmailDOTcom because there is a waiting list.

Wednesday—Unexpected Treasure
We invite you to share with us a book or genre you tried due to the influence of another blogger.  What made you cave in to try something new and what was the experience like?

Thursday—Forgotten Treasure
Sure we’ve all read about Freedom and Mockingjay but we likely have a book we wish would get more attention by book bloggers, whether it’s a forgotten classic or under marketed contemporary fiction.  This is your chance to tell the community why they should consider reading this book!

Friday—Future Treasures
We’ve been visiting each other and getting to know each other better…now is your chance to share what you enjoyed about BBAW and also what your blogging goals are for the next year!

A huge thank you to Bella of A Girl Reads a Book for designing this year’s themed button!


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