Interested in a Book Blogger Con?  (AKA MEETING IN REAL LIFE!!!)

In an effort to continue BBAW’s tradition of building community we’d like to make you aware of an ongoing iniative to hold a Book Blogger Convention the week of Book Expo America.  As part of the planning process the organizers would like to get a feel for whether there is enough interest to proceed forward.  There has been some initial research made so below are some details (though not entirely cast in stone) to factor in to your decision: 

*This will be a one day event from 8am-5pm
*Price of admission/participation will fall in the vicinity of $110 (though we suspect there will be the potential for an early bird registration price of around *$75 for a limited time)
*Price will include lunch and other such munchies
*We are working towards getting a block of deeply discounted overnight rooms negotiated for the entire week that you’ll be able to attach to

So what’s the rub?  Well we kinda, sorta, maybe need to know who and how many of you are seriously interested in attending just such an event.  We know it’s early to start thinking about that but in order to move forward with planning we have to make certain commitments (think contractually obliging ourselves all) so getting a good idea of who is truly serious here is imperative.

If you are SUPER serious about attending and not really waffling about it wanna give us some help by answering a couple of quick questions?

Great… click the link below:

Book Blogger Convention 2010 Potential Interest Form

No one is committing themselves to anything.  We’re testing the waters for the viability of actually doing something like this before we move any further forward.


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