The BBAW 2009 Closing Ceremonies

You’ll have to forgive me because I grew up going to church summer camp…and this week has been a bit like that!  From the rush of intense emotions and new friendships to the thoughtful times of reflection and the goal setting we saw today…well…it’s been real, friends! 

What you do…carving out a little bit of cyberspace for books, reading books, talking about books, fighting for literacy, shattering stereotypes about reading and through matters.  We all read and blog for different reasons but we share something important in common…we love books.  Viva books!

We’ve had a blast this week but in the year ahead we have to keep our book candles burning.  Some places will try to close their libraries, they will cut their library budgets, our reading education will continue to suffer and some children will never know the feel of a new book in their hands or the thrill of discovery at a bookstore.  I don’t know about you, but that breaks my heart.

So what we do this year ahead…until the next BBAW…is we keep reading.  We keep talking about books.  We find ways to give reading to our communities, to read with the children of our times, even if they are not our children.  We support the kidlitosphere in their many goals of spreading the word about books that have value for children.  We volunteer to teach ESL at our libraries and we give books as gifts when we can.  Because if we, the most passionate fans of books and reading don’t do it, no one will.

I love you all.  You are such an amazing, diverse and exceptional group of people.  It has been an honor to celebrate with you and celebrate you this week.  Namaste.

(Contests are open until Sunday!!  Stay tuned to the blog for a chance to sign up to volunteer to help out with BBAW next year and also Buy Books for the Holidays!  The blog will not go silent!  )


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