A Few Announcements

I interrupt these festivities to let you know about two things!

The first is that tonight there is a special episode of Blog Talk Radio show hosted by Miriam Parker of Hachette Books all centered around BBAW!  The panelists are Natasha of Maw Books Blog, Katie of Babbling about Books and More!, Kathy of Bermuda Onion, Adam of Letters on Pages, and myself of My Friend Amy!  Please listen and call in, and let’s have fun!

Secondly, I wanted to make sure you knew all about the Kidlit Con coming up in October in Washington D.C.!  If you blog about kid’s books, are an author, editor, or publisher of kids books, or simply interested in learning more about blogging about children’s books, you are welcome to register!  You can find out all the details at the Kidlitosphere page devoted to the conference.  What a great chance to meet other bloggers and work on improving your craft!


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