A Letter of Appreciation from Annick Press & North American Giveaway

Dear book bloggers,

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week! We here at Annick Press are happy to see so many wonderful blogs dedicated to reviewing, discussing, and recommending books. Book bloggers are making valuable contributions to the culture and community of reading; they deserve to be recognized for their hard work and creativity.
One of the most important elements book bloggers bring to the conversation is variety. Picture books. Poetry. Romance novels. Books about vampires. You name it, there’s a blog dedicated to it—and along with book reviews, you’re likely to find author interviews, debates, contests and giveaways, blog tours, book fights, and more. Thanks to you, readers can now find a wealth of information on a wide range of titles, including niche categories that might otherwise be overlooked by traditional media. Book bloggers have been instrumental in bringing discussions about books and reading online, and in contributing to those discussions.

On behalf of everyone at Annick Press, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to book bloggers around the world. Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm for books. Thank you for encouraging and supporting authors and illustrators. Thank you for helping your fellow book lovers find their next great read. And thank you for keeping the joy of reading alive!


Joanna Karaplis

Assistant Editor and New Media Marketing Manager

Annick Press

Leave a comment to win one of three Kids @ the Crossroads: Aztec or one of three Kids @ the Crossroads: Crusades

Deadline Sept. 20, 2009 11:59PM PST


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