Special Message from Kevin Hamilton of IREX

I was thrilled when Amy approached IREX to see if we could giveaway our latest eReader to one of the esteemed book bloggers participating in this week’s event. We have been spending years developing a perfect device for exactly this audience, those who truly enjoy escaping from the day by curling up with a book on their lap.

IREX has been working hard to create a device that would allow you, as readers, to have this same paper like experience on the IREX device as you do a book…  with a just few added conveniences- of course.-including the Barnes & Noble eBook catalog at your finger tips! Now instead of carrying your books on your vacation, you can simply log on to a 3G network, free of charge, and have your next book purchased and delivered in minutes.

In addition, IREX also strongly believes in an open DRM platform for its consumers. What does that mean to you? It gives you the choice to purchase books, magazines, and newspapers from a variety of stores and be able to take that content from one device to another. Whether you want to read that book on your smart phone during a quick break or spend time with the IREX device on the couch, you can do that. We won’t delete your copy of 1984

So stay tuned, we will be announcing more details shortly, including where you can find an IREX digital eReader near you.  In the meantime, you can follow us on twitter @IREXeReader

to learn all about the growing eReader industry and what that means for your favorite authors and publishers.

Good luck this week!

-Kevin Hamilton. CEO IREX


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