Blogger Appreciation by Deborah Smith, Editor, BelleBooks and Bell Bridge Books

Small presses like mine have a lot in common with book bloggers: We love books, we don’t make much (if any) money, and we see our mission as building lots of friendly little bridges between readers and authors, far from the hype and bright lights of the Literati Who Know Best, aka the mainstream book industry. 

As an author of more than 35 romance and women’s fiction titles for major publishers, I’ve ranted for two decades about the narrow focus of traditional book reviewers. Now, as a small press publisher, I battle the lack of small press coverage among same. 

Book bloggers to the rescue! 

Bloggers chat, they praise, they share, they condemn, they give honest, unvarnished opinions, they support, they encourage, and most of all, they offer an open-minded welcome to the new and different, the smaller than small, the odd and unique. 

Without book bloggers, small presses like mine, and the authors I publish, would exist in a void outside the gravitational pull of New York. Because of you, we can form our own little solar systems.

Bell Bridge Books



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